Preface to the second edition

Welcome to the second edition of “R for Data Science”.

Major changes

  • The first part is renamed to “whole game” to reflect the entire data science cycle, including a chapter on data import.
  • In the wrangle part highlight improvements to dplyr that make data scientists’ lives even easier, such as new functions for rectangling data, working with list columns, and column-wise and row-wise operations.
  • Data import also gains a whole part that goes beyond importing rectangular data to include chapters on working with spreadsheets, databases, and web scraping.
  • The iteration chapter gains a new case study on web scraping from multiple pages.
  • The modeling part has been removed. For modeling, we recommend using packages from tidymodels and reading Tidy Modeling with R by Max Kuhn and Julia Silge to learn more about them.


TO DO: Add acknowledgements.