Preface to the second edition

Welcome to the second edition of “R for Data Science”.

Major changes

  • The first part is renamed to “whole game” to reflect the entire data science cycle. It gains a new chapter that briefly introduces the basics of reading data from csv files.

  • The wrangle part is now transform and gains new chapters on numbers, logical vectors, and missing values. These were previously parts of the data transformation chapter, but needed much more room.

  • We’ve added new chapters on column-wise and row-wise operations.

  • We’ve added a new set of chapters on import that goes beyond importing rectangular data to include chapters on working with spreadsheets, databases, and scraping data from the web.

  • The modeling part has been removed. For modeling, we recommend using packages from tidymodels and reading Tidy Modeling with R by Max Kuhn and Julia Silge to learn more about them.

  • We’ve switched from the magrittr pipe to the base pipe.


TO DO: Add acknowledgements.